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Visit to Super Market

              Dnyanada English School supports the lovely teachers who donated us valuable knowledge, let’s meet our premises on this occasion. Date 20/04/2020 – Friday, Dnyanda English School N-2 Cidco, Aurangabad School, Lesson 10 – Teachers along with students to visit the grocery store in Dnyanada English School N-3 Cidco, aurangabad School. That was why Marathi subjects were there Teacher Mrs. Amrita Deshpande and Mrs. Deepali Sonawane Madam visited Sapna Super Market at Bajrang Chowk with class 10 students. Teachers informed the students about its price, production date, expiry date before purchasing anything. Students were checking the price of the goods. Teacher was showing each and every thing and informing. Students were enjoying all these things and getting information.
This is how the grocery store was visited. With the Mr. Savata Mali Sir and Mr. Hashal sir was present.

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