1. The bus will run to the stops of each locality & not up to the individuals houses.
2. Student not in time for bus will have to make their own arrangement on that
day to come to school. The same holds good in case of bus breakdown.
3. Bus fee have to be paid before the 10 th of every month.
4. Bus fee for the month of April has to be paid in full.
5. The bus services must be hired for the full year.
6. Nobody will be allowed to join or discontinue bus services in between.
7. In case student do not report at home in time please contact us at. 7755976332, 2100192- Pokhari.
8. For Student who avail bus facility from school should follow the following

a. They must get into the bus in an orderly manner.
b. They should not put their hands or heads outside.
c. They should be well disciplined, good mannered and should not use any indecent words to others during travel.
d. They should wait at the bus stop after getting off and should cross the road with proper attention.
e. For any damage made to the school bus will be fined suitably.