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“Dnyanadians at T-point celebrated World Coconut Day”

To celebrate coconut’s ????????many contributions to health and culture, World ???? ???? ???? ???? coconut Day is celebrated annually in the Month of September .
The purpose of the celebration of World Coconut ???? ???? ???? ???? Day is to promote the use of coconut as a raw material for industries and to raise awareness about its use.
Our students had a fun-filled day on the occasion of World Coconut Day as they explored the importance of Coconut and its innumerable benefits. As a part of the celebration, students got a variety of sweets and snacks with coconut as the main ingredient.
Pre-primary students were dressed as Koli ,they danced and sang Koli songs which filled the premises with the festival fervour.
Students also explained the importance of coconut and how many useful things made from it are beneficial to us.
The activity served to bring out its versatile contribution to food, cosmetics, medicines, and many other things.

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