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##Diwali celebration at Dnyanada KG N-7##

” Gela Dasara, aali Diwali????, Hasu nachu ya ho, navin he varsh sukhache jaawo.”with this melodious song , diwali celebration started in the school.
Pre- first students wrote diwali message on the postcards, for the first time. Montessori, transition and pre- first students made diyas, lanterns????and crackers with craft papers. Fort and mahalakshmi scene was depicted to enhanced the decoration of diwali.
We celebrate???????? the festival with sweet???????????? food???? items , for celebrating diwali???? we asked to bring healthy, homemade and colourful LADDOO in the tiffin. All students came in beautiful and colourful outfits to grace the celebration. It was really a fun day for kids.

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