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The students of class IV & VI visited “Chatrapati Shivaji Museum” on 19th Nov 2022. This museum is dedicated to the examplary life of Shivaji Maharaj.
It provides an window to learn history of Shivaji’s period in a quiet manner.
The trip began with lots of enthusiasm and vigour. The museum showcased a large number of ‘war Articrafts’ , paintings of various forts conquered and built during Shivaji Maharaj’s rule.
There were coins made of different metals in rule of Moghal Sultan’s, Britishers, various maratha kings etc .
The students enjoyed to glance at the various types of lamps, pots and utensils used in during this historical period. They were overjoyed to see the scripts and paintings of various Sultans and kings which were all handmade.
.They enjoyed a lot and filled the trip with the sound of ” jai bhavani jai Shivaji” on the way.
On the whole it was an enriching learning experience for the students.

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