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Children’s Day (International)

Children and Parents enjoying Magic show 

“Children are the most beautiful creation of the GOD on this earth and this is the day to celebrate their childhood.”
The WORLD CHILDREN’S DAY is observed annually on November 20, to commemorate the day of the declaration of the rights of child on the same day in 1959. Children’s Day is also celebrated across India to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of the children.

This year we had organized offline “Magic ✨ show” for the children. ‘Mr Lal’ the magician represented a Puppet show, few magics and explained what are the tricks behind it. In between they involved the children to make them active. Not only children but parents also enjoyed the program too much. Rutuja ma’am introduced the magician and Nair ma’am ended the program by addressing the students as well as parents. It was a memorable and enjoyable day of the students.

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